Give Yourself Permission to Fail in 2014

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(Or…”How I Spent My Unintentional Christmas Vacation.”) Give Yourself Permission To be slow to forgive…but only for a moment To be angry…but without hurting yourself or anyone else To be transparent and honest…with only some regard to the consequences To fail…with resolve to succeed the next time you get up I can’t remember what spurred […]

12 Business & Blogging Lessons from My First Year

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Making my first couple thousand in my freelance writing and administrative consultant business has been uplifting and challenging. I’m still not where I need to be financially, but I’m trucking along. Since Sept. 12th marks my first year in business, here are 12 things I’ve learned along the way. 1) You can bend over backwards, […]

2 Life-Changing Tips For Being A Great Freelancer

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Freedom! Independence! Wealth! If you’ve done enough research into the world of independent contracting or any type of freelance work, you know those buzzwords the gurus tout are attached to a lot of meaningless hype. Beware the exclamation point!! (whoops. ;-)) Has my entry into freelancing been fun? Of course. But it’s also been extraordinarily […]